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Remote Healing

I have been doing long distance healing work since the early 90's – with excellent results. I chose not to offer this service professionally until I knew I was successful in reading (diagnosing) and healing (soothing/resolving/improving/clearing) people, animals, and property remotely. Over the course of many years I studied with and worked alongside an incredible Long Distance Healer/Dowser - Guy Hockett - who passed from this dimension several years ago. By that time I had referred over 700 clients to him from all over the world for his work which involved working with Adverse Entities and Adverse Energies, both on property and in humans.. My extensive studies and practice with Shamanism have impacted my Remote Healing work as well as the material from cranial sacral therapy, etc. Over the years as I have learned more and more modalities, they have been added to my arsenal, including the Earth Acupuncture from Karen Rice King, Energy Body anatomy and therapy, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Extraction, and now the Chikly Brain Curriculum.

I have "treated" people as far away as Great Britain, Iraq, the West Coast of the U.S., and Argentina with terrific results, including finding cancer prior to an exploratory operation, clearing ghosts and pernicious spirits out of homes and offices, finding where a patient was injured during surgery, etc. During some readings if I have found serious or life-threatening illnesses or conditions, I do not expect the client to rely on my findings primarily. I strongly urge them to get a professional medical diagnosis as well.

I have been offering Remote Healing professionally for several years now and I am ready to spread the news for other people to know about my services at this time.

My fees for this work are generally $100 a Reading for one person and $75 more for looking at and remedying their home or office. The fee is based on how many people and locations are requesting help. My policy is that each person must request my help or give permission for it and know that this work is being done for them. I often do the initial interview via the telephone while I work. If there is an overseas call required, it is at the expense of the client.

The best way to schedule a session is via email or telephone. See "Contact Me". I accept PayPal for this service as well as checks.