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Chikly Brain Curriculum

What I and my colleagues like to call The Chikly Brain Curriculum (CBC), is taught by its developer, Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, as The Brain Curriculum through The Upledger Institute and The Chikly Institute. CBC is advanced bodywork that addresses specific structures of the brain and spinal chord.

The Brain Curriculum consists of an advanced manual therapy that addresses very specific neurological structures of the brain, spinal cord, central nervous system, autonomic and reticular alarm systems, and associated pathologies. This work is designed to identify, access, and release structural and energetic lesions, tension patterns, and trauma that stress the body through the nervous system.

How Does It Work?

I work by identifying and accessing very precise areas of the brain and spinal cord that hold primary lesions and trauma. This work is designed to release the patterns held there that stress the central nervous system. The results that my clients are getting are profound. I'm very excited to be offering this innovative therapy. Chikly Brain Curriculum can be beneficial for:

•	Closed-head injuries
•	Brain surgery
•	Whiplash
•	Headaches and migraines
•	Dyslexia
•	Cerebral palsy
•	Cognitive behavioral dysfunctions
•	Learning disabilities
•	Autistic Spectrum Disorder 
•	Parkinson's disease
•	Alzheimer's disease