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About Cynthia

Who am I?

For many years Cynthia had a private practice in New York City specializing in alternative body work, energetic therapies, Chinese Phsyicianry, and Spiritual healing.

She has been a serious “seeker” for most of her life, having spend 40 years studying and teaching first in a traditional spiritual school, then in the integrative massage and bodywork community, and finally in the path of the Shaman. Her motto is "Seek and Ye Shall Find."

“As a teacher since the early 70's, I have offered workshops in many forms of meditation, breathwork, relaxation, bodywork and movement, personal empowerment, Shamanic healing, and alternative approaches to healing through energetic practices.”

Jefferson, NY house Cynthia lives on a small farm in the southern Catskill Mountains where she has a private Office for clients and tends to 10 gardens, pets, practices Permaculture, and rides through local fields and forests on her Tennessee Walker.

 “I am deeply involved with learning about sustainability, protecting our land, water, and air, and building community.”

Over the years she has been blessed to meet and study with some of the greatest healers of her lifetime who were courageous pioneers in Alternative Therapies, Energy Medicine, and innovative Shamanic Traditions. In her practice she offers many different modalities to those seeking relief, awareness, healing, and autonomy.

Where Have I Been?

Jefferson, NY house"I grew up in Raleigh, NC, where I lived in a suburban, middle-class family, my days filled with music, theater, dance, and much time spent in the natural world. I moved to New York City in my pursuit of a professional acting and singing career. I was drawn to a spiritual school, The Arica Institute, Inc., where I became a “warrior”. Leaving behind many old family belief systems, religion, and tribal beliefs, I practiced and taught spiritual trainings around the country in my search for the real meaning of life and my purpose on Earth."

Cynthia began studying many cutting edge healing modalities after a personal injury, and became credentialed as a Massage Therapist.  Along the way she found Shamanism, the oldest spiritual practice on the earth.

"After pursuing multiple spiritual paths in the mystical traditions, all connected with a Guru or Teaching Master, I was ready to find a spiritual practice that was self-empowering, not self-inflating. Imagine my delight to discover Shamanism where I was able to establish a personal relationship with Spiritual advisers and teachers and animal allies who were pleased to assist me in healing myself and others."

In her practice, Cynthia brings together all the modalities and techniques she has trained in to offer comprehensive healing sessions for her clients.


My education list would be not complete without including the Al-Anon 12 Step Program (the 80's) and the Non-Violent Communication Movement that I embraced in 2005-2006, and the work of the Abraham-Hicks material. There are many other "ism's" that I have learned wisdom from and I know I will continue to seek for knowledge and healing wherever my path takes me; but I also believe it is vitally important to know when to leave a teacher or a group - when the experience there is no longer appropriate or supportive. It is not possible here to include ALL the Shamans, Yogi's, Masters, "enlightened beings," performing artists, music teachers, conductors, directors, etc. that I have had the privilege to learn from. But I recognize them every day in my heart and in my deeds.


The Performing Arts: In my life I have worked as a professional actress and singer - soap operas ("All My Children", "Ryan's Hope, and "Loving"), off Broadway in a Horton Foote play, film (Raging Bull and Union City), commercials, voice-overs, lead singer in an acapella jazz group for 25 years, strummed a guitar and sang lead in a country blues band, and sang the leading role in a one act opera, Trouble in Tahiti, at the Delaware Opera Company in Narrowsburg, NY.

The Healing Arts
I learned an esoteric Mongolian Self Massage while involved with a spiritual school through the 70's and 80's and as a massage practitioner, transformed it into a treatment modality. In the late 80's I begin to study and practice CranialSacral Garden ShrineTherapy and Zero Balancing when I found The Upledger Institute in my search for help with a personal injury. This work and the research of Dr. Upledge profoundly changed my life and my career as I was privileged to study with him directly, assist him in his clinic and his Advanced Programs.

I have had a private practice in NYC and the southern Catskills for many years, becoming one of the first alternative therapists to be credentialed at the local hospital as well as assisting a Long Island Physiatrist in her geriatric practice. I also specialize in Lymph Drainage as well as Visceral Manipulation, Lymphadema Therapy and Bandaging, Medical Massage and work well in partnership with many health care professionals providing their patients with the best in preventive and rehabilitative bodywork therapies. Lately I have begun doing extensive long distance healing work, treating properties, homes, businesses, and families.

I began teaching mediation, yoga, massage and martial arts with a spiritual school in the 70s and 80s. I began teaching Shamanism in the late 90s and have been offering workshops at various educational institutions, as well as privately since then.


Where am I Going?


I aspire to continue living on the Earth in harmony with the Spirits of Nature offering healing and wisdom to my clients and my community. I shall continue to study and learn ways to live a healthy and productive life. We live in challenging times and I want to offer whatever wisdom and healing that is needed to assist others to learn their Earth lessons and to realize their full potential as citizens of our planet. I believe that we must return to a deeper connection with Nature to find solutions to surviving and thriving in these changing times. I have begun to write poetry and anecdotal stories some of which are found on this web site. I have begun a book about my journey in search of personal empowerment.

I believe I am here not to “fix” the problems of others but to assist them in their journey towards wholeness and health. I dedicate this web site to the wellness of all.